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Calendar for 2017-8

We meet on the third Monday of the month, with the exception of June, July and August.  We tyle at 18:30.
Here is the Schedule of Work for our Masonic year:-

20 Feb 17 20 Mar 17 17 Apr 17 15 May 17 18 Sep 17 16 Oct 17 20 Nov 17 18 Dec 17 15 Jan 18
Installation Raising Raising Initiation Initiation Passing TBC TBC Election



We share the facilities at Zetland Hall, the home of Freemasonry in Hong Kong, with Lodges of the English, Scottish and Irish Constitutions.

The red marker shows the location of Zetland Hall at No. 1 Kennedy Road, Hong Kong Island.

Zetland Hall Entrance

Entrance to Zetland Hall
This is the entrance to Zetland Hall on Kennedy Road.