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A Message from The Lodge Mentor

Mentoring Papers available to Lodge Members.

"During the course of 2011, United Grand Lodge instituted the office of Mentor in all Craft Lodges.  This is one of the initiatives of the research groups working under the then Pro-Grand Master that has been tasked with developing Masonic knowledge, as well as improving the existing system to address the problem of very high rates of attrition in all the classes of the workmen throughout the Craft.
"In the Corinthian Lodge of Amoy, I have the privilege of being the first Lodge Mentor.  During the course of the year, I will be giving some small talks on items of interest and some aspects of understanding the meaning behind the Ritual.  But as any of you should be able to recite, doing something for the Lodge is not the efforts of any one man - it is a combined, joint effort!
"To this end, let's start by asking you all to write to me about any aspect of Masonry that you might wish to have explained or to understand better and I will try to find you an adequate answer if I don't have a reasonable understanding already.  Perhaps that will help me justify the small fortune I have already spent on Masonic reading and reference books already!
"In the nearer term, UGL also understands that many of our junior brethren have immediate questions to ask and that an "officially" appointed answer-giver may be too cold and distant.  So we have developed an individual mentoring system which we will be trying to implement very soon.   We also acknowledge that not every pairing and selection may work.  So if you have any issue of mentoring you wish to discuss, please feel free to write to me and let me know and hopefully, something will be done about it."
Please write to me at Lodge Mentor
W.Bro.  Gordon Loch
Dist.  G.  Chap.  PM
PM 9387.

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