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Past Masters' Dinner with our W.M. Bro. Philippe de Manny

On the 7th January 2015 our Worshipful Master invited all the Past Masters of the Lodge to dine with him at the Aberdeen Boat Club Middle Island Restaurant. A total of sixteen of us were able to make it, creating something of a record in the annals of the Lodge. The fine wines and five star cuisine made for a very pleasurable experience. Below are a few of the photos taken that night.

The Company


From left to right: W.Bros. Patrick Purnell-Edwards, Patrick Lebaindre, Gordon Loch, Sam Cheng, David Hughes, Worshipful Master Bro. Philippe de Manny (white shirt), W.Bros. Ashley Brewin, David Tallon, Hugues de Jaillon, Andrew Ritchie, John Fung, John Berry, Terry Hicks, KK Chung, YT Chow and Michael Man.

The Fare

(Baby Lobster in white wine sauce) Thermidor comes from the Greek thermon, "summer heat" it was the eleventh month of the Republican calendar (July for us), used for about 12 years after the French Revolution. Created around 1810 by Marie’s, a small but very well-known restaurant in Paris near the “COMEDIE FRANCAISE”. Napoleon used to have this dish made and delivered to his palace, as according to his taste it was the only way Lobster should be served to an emperor. This recipe was then revisited early in the 1900’s by the great August Escoffier, who revived it by adding few more flavours.
(Mini choux pastry with two different flavours) The name comes from the French phrase croque-en-bouche '(something that) crunches in the mouth'. The invention of the croquembouche is often attributed to Antonin Carême who was Napoleon's favourite cook after Dunand, and one of the first celebrity chefs in the world as his recipes are still used today: you must know Croissant, Madeleine, éclair and macaroon, well he invented them.